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K 2016

Welcome to K 2016!

The world’s premier trade fair for plastics and rubber: for innovation and sustainability. K is the world’s key flagship fair in terms of its quantitative and qualitative performance characteristics.


Main product groups and target groups

K 2016 will also be the ideal market platform for information, innovations and investments. Here you can find the entire global offering of the plastics and rubber industry. A must for these industries.

Raw materials & auxiliaries

At a glance
  • Resource conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Functional solutions
  • Sustainability
  • Globalisation

The best basis for your success. Materials with unsurpassed quality features.

Along with the optimisation of standard plastics, the important overriding themes will be resource and energy efficiency from the ecological and economic points of view. The focus will be on products and problem solutions, such as renewable raw materials and bioplastics, plastics and rubber modified with nano-scale particles, fibre composites etc. for a vast diversity of applications.

The perfect setting for you to make a lasting impression with your company on the international stage. So that you can build on your competitive edge. K makes the difference.

Semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics

At a glance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Progressive technologies
  • Outstanding composites
  • Environmentally gentle lightweight construction

Make it easy for your customers and attract new customers in growing user markets.

Energy-saving and cost-cutting product solutions that are also easy on the environment are no longer conceivable today without plastics and rubber. Progressive technologies open up huge potential for innovative applications combining intelligence with efficiency.

At K 2016, leading international experts can expect new developments and landmark innovations for automotive engineering, aerospace, medical technology, electrical and electronic engineering, building construction and the ICT industry.
K makes the difference.

Machinery & equipment for the plastics and rubber industries

At a glance
  • Energy and resource efficiency
  • Forward-looking process optimisation
  • Integrated production processes
  • Reducing set-up times
  • Live demonstrations

The ideal platform for world premieres!

The live demonstrations of complex production configurations at K are unparalleled worldwide. Take this opportunity to present your product to international experts in a live process. An ideal occasion for machine and plant manufacturers to hold in-depth talks with knowledgeable primary decision-makers – something you can find only at K.

Integrated production processes to boost energy and resource efficiency and reduce set-up times are just two of the important highlighted themes.
K makes the difference.

Services for the plastics and rubber industrie

K – the ideal platform for your competitive advancement in knowledge.

Where would the plastics and rubber industry be without the pioneering groundwork performed by scientists and researchers – out-of-the-box and forward thinkers who combine theory and practice and convert their in-depth expertise into strategic and operative concepts. K helps you know more.
K makes the difference.

Target groups

  • Plastic and rubber goods manufacturing

  • Rubber production and processing

  • Packaging/distribution

  • Construction/architecture and interior design

  • Automotive, aviation and aerospace

  • Electrical engineering/electronics

  • Machinery and plant manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Medical technology/precision mechanics/optics

  • ICT (information and communication technology)

  • Energy technologies/photovoltaics

  • Sports/leisure

  • Chemical industry


Impressions of K 2013:


Special show "Plastics move the world"

Our special show on the K 2013: "Plastics move the world" took up various aspects of the theme of mobility – from construction of vehicles to modern leisure behaviour.

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