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Farbruße (s. 1.10.99 Ruße)

  • 01  Rohstoffe, Hilfsstoffe
  • 01.10  Zusatzstoffe
  • 01.10.092  Pigmentruß, Pigmentrußpräparationen

Pigmentruß, Pigmentrußpräparationen

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Produktkategorie: Farbkonzentrate


Hubron’s high quality masterbatches are extensively used in the colouring of plastic compounds. Hubron offers a broad product portfolio and manufactures black masterbatch based on most thermoplastic materials. Hubron considers that it is often inappropriate to use universal carrier based masterbatch in critical technical applications. Hubron therefore offers a range of products based on polymer specific masterbatches. Polyamide, polycarbonate, acetal and SAN based solutions are readily available and contain ‘Jet’ carbon black which ensures an extremely high tint strength and a superior gloss finish.Where colour tint/strength are of concern, Hubron grades offer potential savings from reduced masterbatch addition levels. High content levels of high tint carbon blacks mean that Hubron masterbatches can be added at low additions to achieve the required colour strength while ensuring that mechanical properties are unaffected. Hubron offers masterbatch users improved cost performance over similar competitive products. Selected raw materials used in the production of some grades mean they meet FDA and many other toxicity and food contact regulations.

Typical applications of Hubron masterbatches are reinforced PP compounds, ABS /PC blends, Polyamide (PA6 and PA66) compounds and soft and rigid PVC technical compounds.

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