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  • 03  Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie
  • 03.01  Maschinen und Ausrüstung zum Aufbereiten und Recycling
  • 03.01.001  Mischer
  •  Kontinuierliche Mischer für Flüssigkeiten

Kontinuierliche Mischer für Flüssigkeiten

  • 03  Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie
  • 03.01  Maschinen und Ausrüstung zum Aufbereiten und Recycling
  • 03.01.008  Schmelzefilter


  • 03  Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie
  • 03.02  Maschinen und Anlagen zum Verarbeiten
  • 03.02.001  Extruder und Extrusionsanlagen
  •  Extruder
  •  Einschneckenextruder
  • 03  Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie
  • 03.02  Maschinen und Anlagen zum Verarbeiten
  • 03.02.001  Extruder und Extrusionsanlagen
  •  Extruder
  •  Doppelschneckenextruder


Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Einschneckenextruder

3DD Mixer

Dynamic mixing systems for melt modification allows customers with direct casting from PET condensation plants to establish a flexible modification of each PET film line for various applications up to 4 t/h.

3DD as a perfect mixing concept is an additional feature for highest mixing efficiency of single screw extruders. It is also available as inline-system for flexibilisation of polyester condensation plants. Additive feeding systems for master-batches and liquid additives are also available for adding colours and additives into the melt pass at various points of the polymer system.

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Produktkategorie: Einschneckenextruder

Polymer Filtration Systems

Quality demanding products including film or manmade fibres require highly purified melt without gels and particles. Therefore, BB Engineering as a manufacturer of filtration systems for highest melt quality offers the suitable solution for many applications:

Long Life Filter (LLF)
Non Stop Filter (NSF)
Horizontal Candle Filter (HCF)
Continuous Vertical Filter (CVF)

We offer various melt filtration systems like the Horizontal Candle Filter (HCF) series with filter areas between 0,1 m² and 1,5 m² for easy and quick change, the Long Life Filter (LLF) series with filter areas of up to 40 m², the Non Stop Filter (NSF) series based on LLF series for non-stop operation with filter areas of 2x40 m² and Continuous Vertical Filter (CVF) series for continuous operation with filter areas up to 2x8 m².

LLF and NSF as large area filtration systems are available as candle or disc type filters, HCF and CVF are equipped with candles.

The NSF filters are based on the LLF filters and are designed for continuous operation due to robust, well-proven polymer valve. The discs´ or candles´ filter media can be supplied as wire mesh or as metal fibre fleece with a filter fineness of up to 5 mu.


Preheating Cleaning System

In order to support customers in the field of filter cleaning, which ranges from opening used housings to finally cleaning and inspecting of the filter elements, a new extended pre-cleaning device based on BBE's preheating and draining station is under development.

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Produktkategorie: Einschneckenextruder

Single Screw Extruder

Engineering and designing single screw extruders is one of the core competences of our company. The machines are based on the well-proven Barmag design. This means that today´s extruders contain over 40 years of experience in extruder design and our highly skilled design experts are continuously working on further developments to cover new challenges in extrusion.

We are able to supply a wide range of standard and customised solutions from small 30 mm feed extruders to large 360 mm output cascade systems.

The machinery is used in film extrusion lines such as main and co-extruders for BO-PET, BO-PP, BO-PA, PP- and PET-cast film and in spinning lines, e.g. the compact spinning system VarioFil.

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Produktkategorie: Einschneckenextruder

Twin Screw Extruder

Our parallel co-rotating twin screw extruders can be used for direct processing of polymers without the energy-intensive pre-drying process.

They are designed for venting applications like direct processing of PET or PA in film or spinning lines as well as processing of high volume raw materials like film strips or fibre waste from PET, PP or PA. Special extrusion systems for direct melt modification, e.g. PET with TiO2, are also available.

Our twin screw extruders have a modular design to adapt the barrel and screw design to the process conditions. A wide range of screw and barrel materials are available to cover a wide range of wear and/or corrosion intensive polymers.

The range of machine sizes comprises screw diameters from 45 mm to 120 mm with process lengths of up to 44D. Other sizes and lengths as well as customised machines can be supplied on request.

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Produktkategorie: Einschneckenextruder

Cascade Extrusion Systems

Cascade extrusion systems, including filters, melt pipes and pumps, which are noted for high melt quality, are used for particularly sophisticated applications.

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Produktkategorie: Einschneckenextruder

Compact Spinning Line

BB Engineering offers flexible compact high speed spinning lines (VarioFil) for the production of multifilament yarns out of PET, PA, PP or others or even combinations like PET/PA, for a wider titer range, for adding additives and colors or for fast product change from POY to FDY and back.

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Über uns


Seit 15 Jahren ist die BB Engineering GmbH ein innovativer Anbieter im Bereich Maschinen- und Anlagenbau.

Die BB Engineering GmbH wurde im Jahr 1997 als Joint Venture der Oerlikon Barmag Zweigniederlassung der Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG und der Brückner Group GmbH gegründet. Die BB Engineering ist ein zuverlässiger Partner in der Branche und beschäftigt mehr als 120 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter am Firmenstandort Remscheid–Lennep.

Unser Geschäft ist die Konstruktion, das Engineering und die Fertigung von Maschinenkomponenten und Komplettanlagen für die Folien- und Garnherstellung. Für weitere Branchen bietet die BB Engineering Konstruktions- und Montagedienstleistungen an.

Der Leistungsumfang reicht dabei von der Konzeption und Planung bis hin zur Umsetzung von Projekten. Alle Konstruktionen werden bei uns standardmäßig in 3D modelliert.

Innovation, Qualität und Vertrauen sind unsere größte Stärke.

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