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Colorakel: There really are such things as heroes Episode 12

In the course of his adventures, COLORAKEL is led to places where reality and fantasy blend into one. His latest dangerous mission took COLORAKEL to a gloomy, slightly scary place, where our superhero was able to save a little vampire child from the wrath of his vampire mother. In this 12th episode, our little man makes a bet with a lovely creature. But come along and see for yourself. The adventure begins right NOW.


This latest expedition leads our superhero to Africa, where he plans to assist his old friend Prof. Samiira with some research. The animals of the scrubland need to be catalogued with their names and colors next to their photos. But suddenly COLORAKEL encounters a strange creature. Just as he is about to write down „green“ next to the photo, the animal turns first brown and then suddenly violet. COLORAKEL stands there both confused and fascinated. He asks the creature about his name and his color. Then the cheeky little fellow reveals that he is a chameleon by the name of Toppy and that his spectrum of colors contains all the colors of the earth. ´All the colors of this earth?´ our superhero asked himself – he as a color expert doesn’t even know all of them. So they make a bet that if Toppy loses, he wil have to take over the color settings in the lab at the GRAFE Design Center. COLORAKEL makes him take the color test – and then what happens? „Okay, you’ve got me!“ admits Toppy defeated.


„Dear Toppy, don‘t be sad that you can’t imitate the color of my superhero outfit. The color of your skin is fascinating. Is it violet or blue? The mere sight of you makes my mind drift off to a magical world. I’m going to call it Mixed-Up-Violet – my color inspiration No. 12“, COLORAKEL replies. And that’s how Toppy ends up for a day in the GRAFE Design Center conducting research into the latest colors. But that’s another story.

Stay with us for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.