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Colorakel: There really are such things as heroes Episode 6

COLORAKEL, a very special kind of superhero, always on the lookout for new color inspirations for the GRAFE Design Center, is ready for another breathtaking adventure. In his last episode, on his search for PEARLY, he slipped into his special diving suit and persuaded the elegant sea-shell to come back with him to his company to create the most beautiful pearl colors. Now he is off to the land of the giants to seek out new color inspirations. Get ready to come along on his latest adventure that begins right NOW!

COLORAKEL is on a new mission to track down a huge warrior by the name of Goliath. On his search for the giant he comes across a green valley winding its way between two rocks and curving along past a beautiful meadow. There, in front of a stone wall, COLORAKEL recognizes a massive figure. But who is it, our superhero asks himself: „Goliath in pumps?” The creature’s big, strong hands are wrapped around a tree trunk where branches poke out like little nails. “Boom, boom, boom,” it echoes as the creature approaches COLORAKEL. Bits of rock crumble off and tumble down the slope while the branches on the trees around him snap and break as the giant pushes them aside. Then the giant speaks: „What do you mean by „Goliath in pumps?!“ Of course I am a lady!“ Somewhat confused and frightened, COLORAKEL responds:

„My dearest lady, I first caught a glimpse of the magnificent shimmer of your dress which resembles my own from far off in the distance. But it was only after you emerged from between the two high oak trees, that I have been able to fully recognize your true beauty. Your skin is superb, it looks so tender as it radiates softly in the light of the sun. Never before, have I laid eyes on such an elegant color – I’d like to name it LADY-LIKE. I am COLORAKEL out on a mission to discover the color inspirations for 2014. Please don’t harm me. I want to carry your color out into the world so that everyone can see your true beauty. “