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Colorakel: There really are such things as heroes Episode 7

In his last adventure our superhero made his way to the land of the giants, where size really did matter. His next expedition will lead COLORAKEL out of the green valley, far away from the rocks, out on to the open sea to do some fishing. But what does our superhero really want to catch? Certainly not fish. Let’s take a journey on his latest adventure that begins right NOW!

Behind him lies a land filled with huge creatures, who can touch their noses to the tree tops without even standing on their tip toes – the land of the giants. Still feeling somewhat stunned, COLORAKEL wants to relax a bit while fishing and has just reached into his superhero suitcase to unpack his special fishing rod. The desire to linger a bit longer becomes stronger as he listens to the sound of the sea in his ear and gazes out over the vast expanse of water. But he is, of course, still our superhero COLORAKEL out on a mission to discover the color inspirations for the GRAFE Design Center and to capture these with his special glasses. However, his thoughts keep drifting off as he closes his eyes and enjoys a tremendous feeling of calm and well-being. But what’s that? Suddenly he sees a beautiful woman in the water in front of him. It’s a mermaid. Above her head, dangles a hook with a worm basking in the warmth of the sun. COLORAKEL jumps with fright as the mermaid speaks to him in her soothing voice: „If you want to hook up with me, you’ll have to come up with something more creative!“ Calm and collected, the little man answers:

„My dear mermaid, I am superhero COLORAKEL and my last adventure was very exciting. I wanted to take it easy now and rest a bit here in this calm and heavenly place. I wasn’t expecting to meet a single sole here, and certainly nothing as beautiful as yourself. The delicate green you are wearing is so light and creamy - as if a light breeze has just glided through cream. You are truly an inspiration for a new color that I shall call MERMAID-CREAM. The whole world will fall in love with you and your beauty.“