Green Matter: SPI Bioplastics Council questions scientific validity of degradable additives


The Society of the Plastics Industry Bioplastics Council has published an update on its 2010 position paper on degradable additives, in which it calls into doubt the claims of complete biodegradation for these additive technologies.

The paper states that the position of the SPI Bioplastics Council is "that any claim, especially claims for consumers, needs to be supported by third-party vetted scientific evidence based on well-established standard specifications. In the case of 'degradable additives' the problem is one of claiming "biodegradation" where there is no evidence to support those claims or prove biodegradability as per accepted, third-party vetted specifications." The paper goes on to call the term oxo-biodegradable an 'appealing', albeit 'misleading' marketing term....
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