Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.

Multifunctional CNT/cellulose films

Multifunctional carbon nanotube (CNT)/cellulose films are fabricated by dissolving cellulose and dispersing CNTs homogeneously in aqueous alkaline/urea solution. Thus, CNT/cellulose composites may be produced through a simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly process. The CNT/cellulose films fabricated this way are flexible and have a great potential as bio-based materials. Uniform dispersion of CNTs, in combination with favourable CNT-cellulose matrix interaction, causes a better ductility and higher toughness of the materials, as well as an enhanced thermal stability. The CNT network formed within the cellulose matrix introduced good conductivity and led to impressive multifunctional sensing abilities towards tensile strain, temperature, and environmental humidity. This makes them, e.g., excellent strain gages and efficient sensors to detect water leakages.