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Tantec Supplies SpotTEC solution for treatment of Ampules prior to printing

Tantec has again delivered units for Andrew Donald Design Engineering – ADDE.com.au.

Australian market leader in making handling machinery for the medical device industry in Australia – Andrew Donald Design Engineering has incorporated Tantec SpotTEC generators into their newest finishing line for a local MDM customer.

By visiting their homepage, you can see how Andrew Donald Design Engineering have incorporated the SpotTED generator. After 1:30 minutes on the video on the frontpage, you can see our SpotTEC generator in action: http://www.adde.com.au/

The machinery is a special purpose finishing line designed and built by ADDE for the pharmaceutical industry. This machine includes vision inspection, accumulation, corona surface treatment and pad-printing operations.
- See more at: http://www.tantec.com/news/tantec-supplies-spottec-solution-for-treatment-of-ampules-prior-to-printing.html