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Shaping the future of Circular Economy - what happend at K?

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K 2019: Recycling of polystyrene in a closed loop

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K 2019: Spezial Arburg

K 2019: How does a sustainable plastics industry develop in future?

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K 2019: Kärcher & the Recyclates „There´s life in the old dog yet“

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Reducing waste with printed electronics: An opportunity?

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K 2019: Billion

VDMA Interview

K 2019: Thorsten Kühmann

K 2019: VDMA Interview mit Thilo Brodtmann

Messerundgang mit Peter Barlog

Werkstoffe und Materialien

K 2019: Cradle to cradle for people, planet and profit

VDMA Gespräch am Morgen

K 2019: Shoe trees made of 90+% biobased material

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K 2019: Upcycling technology for quality plastic recycling

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K 2019: 3D printing - strategy for a sustainable environment

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Aussteller-Porträt Barlog Gruppe

Circular Economy conclusions at K 2019

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K 2019: Chemical recycling - plastic to fuel plant

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