K 2013: BASF high-heat polyamide moves into Daimler powertrain

Daimler is making a metal-to-plastic conversion in a very high-temperature powertrain application in the 2.1-liter I-4 turbo diesel engine used in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK crossover model.

A heat shield, which is usually made from rolled aluminum, is now made of a polyamide 6/6 specially developed by BASF (Hall 5/C21). The special heat-aging resistance of the Ultramid Endure withstands a continuous service temperature of 220ºC and peak temperatures of 240ºC. Special stabilization technology creates a protective surface layer on the plastic. The continuous service temperature maximum for a typical polyamide 6/6 is estimated at 170ºC.

Use of plastic cuts weight of the part 50% and improves corrosion resistance....

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