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PRESSBLOWER DSE 260 / Jounce Bumpers

The largest plastics fair worldwide, K 2016, will be held in Duesseldorf between October 19 and 26, 2016. Ossberger will attend this fair again – on stand 14 C 28, hall 14. There we shall present to a wide public the

  Pressblower DSE 260 ,  

available since a short while. 

It is generally known that Pressblower injection blow moulders made by Ossberger have been recognized worldwide, essentially with products used within the automotive industry. Nowadays this mainly concerns the following:  

·         CVJ boots for the driveline
·         Bellows for the steering system
·         Protective bellows and tubes for shock absorbers
·         Jounce bumpers for suspension struts

In Duesseldorf we shall particularly focus on the latest application "jounce bumpers for suspension struts". For this innovative automotive application, approved for being used in series, a high-precision blow mould process is required, as guaranteed with the Pressblower injection blow moulding process supplied by the Ossberger company. 

Of course we shall present the Pressblower DSE 260 at the fair daily, processing the Hytrel type HTR8724BK made by Du Pont, which was especially developed for the new application "jounce bumper for suspension struts", and which a few years ago came to commercial use for the first time.

The article produced during the fair is similar to the product which is a combination of jounce bumper and connected protective bellows, considered as suspension element as shown in fig. 1

 Fig. 2 is for an alternative design of a jounce bumper with protective bellows, which is also at the test stage at the moment.

 As mentioned already, the machine unit producing the jounce bumper during the fair will be a Pressblower DSE 260 as shown by the photo. 

This machine variant is the largest Pressblower model at the moment, for article weights of up to appr. 250 g.

 Which innovations may be expected with a Pressblower DSE 260?

1)     As regards the hardware, we like to emphasize that the Pressblower DSE 260 is equipped with the new multispiral distributor developed by Ossberger. We are gladly looking forward to discussing this new component with you.

2)     In relation with the software, the following topics are essential:

·         The instructions, summarized in the operating manual, may also be called up through the user interface of the machine. An online operating support is therefore available, i.e. at the machine directly.

·         Access authorizations are much more flexible now.
Throughout the past, diverse screen pages could be assigned to an access level already, e.g. an operator or setter, however this can now be split up to individual input fields. Access authorizations can consequently be differentiated clearly.

·         All changes of machine settings can be recorded in a Log file for a much better comprehension of details during the quality control.

 We shall gladly be prepared to discuss with you the topic fields during the fair K 2016. Please come and see us at our stand no. 14 C 28 in hall 14:

-       There you can see the Pressblower injection blow moulder of the type DSE 260, equipped additionally with the new multispiral distributor.

-       The Pressblower DSE 260 will produce a combined shock absorber element, with a jounce bumper and a protective bellows.

-       We shall gladly show you the supplements to the software.

Already now we are gladly looking forward to your visit.

P.S.: Please kindly note that Du Pont de Nemours, manufacturers of the thermoplastic copolyester elastomere Hytrel®, are holding patent claims for designs of the a.m jounce bumpers for suspension struts and also Hytrel® plastics. For further information, please feel free to contact Du Pont de Nemours.

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Über uns


The OSSBERGER company was founded in 1906 to manufacture small hydro-power plants.

In the middle of the 1960's the Plastics Technology division was started. Its products – the so-called PRESSBLOWER Injection Blow Moulders – are operated worldwide for making blow moulded high precision articles which demand high reliability and process stability and which respect close tolerances.

Nowadays the scope of products of the PRESSBLOWER Injection Blow Moulders is concentrating mainly on the automotive industry for the production of:

 Boots and bellows:
This market field refers to boots and bellows made of TPE grades. In particular PRESSBLOWER is focussing on Constant Velocity Joint Boots and on Rack & Pinion Boots to be made of TEEE or TPV grades.
For both product segments the PRESSBLOWER machines are in operation all over the world – regarding CVJ Boots in the world leader's position.

Other applications realised on PRESSBLOWER machines are dust sleeves and covers for shock absorbers.

The latest market segment refers to jounce bumper made of Hytrel, a TPE grade of Du Pont, which Ossberger will demonstrate during the K show.

OSSBERGER as a medium-sized and export-orientated company with about 120 employees supports a global network of representatives to guarantee quick and reliable high-quality service.

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