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Biologisch abbaubare Additive

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Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Antistatika, Additive, andere

LOXIOL® Antistatic Agents

Emery Oleochemicals' LOXIOL® brand Antistatic Agents eliminate the buildup of a static charge in the finished product.

We offer a wide range of antistatic agents for a variety of resins. 


Positive effects including avoidance of dust pickup, handling problems as well as the risks associated with static discharges

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Produktkategorie: Trennmittel, Additive, andere

LOXIOL® Release Agents

Emery Oleochemicals’ LOXIOL® brand Release Agents aid in the separation of a component from its mould.

We offer a wide range of release agents for all types of resins.


Positive effects on cycle time and surface finish

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Produktkategorie: Additive, andere

Antifogging Agents

LOXIOL® A 4 and LOXIOL® A 4 Special: Antifogging Agents

LOXIOL® A 4 and LOXIOL® A 4 Special are Emery Oleochemicals’ top-performance Antifogging Agents.

Flexible PVC food contact packing films, food wrap films.

LOXIOL® A 4 incorporated directly into plastics, transforming condensed water droplets into a continuous and uniform transparent layer of water on the fabricated film.


Liquid antifogging agent for application in plastic films
Antifogging agent including lubricant effect
Excellent transparency of the final article
Highly compatible in plastics formulation
Food contact approved according to regulation (EU) No. 10/2011, and US (FDA/CFR 21)
Vegetable-based product

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Produktkategorie: Weichmacher, Additive, andere

EDENOL® Special Plasticizer

Emery Oleochemicals’ EDENOL® brand Special Plasticizers improve the processability and performance of plastics and synthetic rubbers.

We offer a wide range of standard plasticizer products as well as various customized plasticizers for special applications.


Positive effects on flexibility and durability of the finished product, phtalate-free

Polymeric Plasticizers

Low volatility, which offers superior performance in high temperature applications
Low migration, which maintains flexibility in difficult conditions such as contact with oil
Various low temperature plasticizers
Compatible with all types of polymers
Plasticizers with food contact approval or for technical applications
Viscosity range from 750 to 67000 mPas
Weather resistance

Monomeric Plasticizers

Plasticizers for numerous polymers
Low volatility
Good thermal stability
Low migration
Water resistant, heat resistant
Excellent electrical properties

Epoxydised Plasticizers

Good stabilizing effect
Extraction resistant to cleaning materials
Excellent light stability
Weather resistance
Food contact approved

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Produktkategorie: Gleitmittel, Additive, andere

LOXIOL® Lubricants

Emery Oleochemicals’ LOXIOL® brand Lubricants optimize the processing characteristics of plastics materials and improve the rheology of the polymer melt by reducing friction and resistance to flow within the melt.

We offer a wide range of internal and external lubricants for a variety of resins and applications.


Positive effects on the mechanical properties, machinery output and surface finish of the final product

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Produktkategorie: Gleitmittel, Wachse

Paraffin wax replacement

LOXIOL® G 24 is Emery Oleochemicals’ efficient external lubricant based on 100 % renewable resources.

Extrusion of rigid PVC pipes and profiles as well as injection moulding of PVC processing.

A strong external lubricant and release agent for several resins, low volatility and thermal stable in a wide temperature range. In many formulations, paraffine waxes can be substituted 1:1


Replacement for synthetic Fischer-Tropsch wax and other paraffin waxes 
Reliable supply chain
Low volatility
Stable over a wide temperature range
In combination with LOXIOL® G 59, a high-performance and cost-efficient internal/external lubricant system for PVC types, stabilized by Pb or Ca/Zn

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Produktkategorie: Gleitmittel, Additive, andere

LOXIOL® G 59 Internal Lubricant

LOXIOL® G 59 is Emery Oleochemicals’ most highly-efficient internal lubricant.

Internal lubricant for CaZn, Sn, or organic-based stabilizer systems for extrusion of rigid PVC.
Highly-compatible, all round lubricant for rigid PVC processing.

Solid, neutral ester wax


Best rheological properties
Low volatility
Reduced plateout tendency
Best flowability due to high dropping point (70° C)
Better & smoother surface of end product
Does not effect the color of end product
Increased gloss and better thermostability of rigid PVC formulations
Higher efficiency and lower dosage compared to standard lubricants
Less influence on the plastification time for adjusting the flow when working with complicated sections and injection mouldings
Optimized foam structure (Sn/CaZn) in sheet application
Reduced wall covering in the mixer
Excellent dispersing properties of filler
In compliance with the REACH registration according to regulation (EU) No. 1907/2006

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Über uns


Emery Oleochemicals is a global provider of natural-based, sustainable and high-performance chemicals.

Through our six dedicated business units - Agro Green, Biolubricants, Eco-Friendly Polyols, Green Polymer Additives, Home and Personal Wellness, and OleoBasics, - we are able to provide you with a wide range of products, including market-based customizable plasticizer solutions.

Having served the polymer additives industry for over 60 years, our Green Polymer Additives business product portfolio of renewable-based solutions includes, EDENOL®, LOXIOL® and EMEROX® additive brands which enhance processing efficiencies and improve end product quality for both manufacturers and formulators. Today, as the marketplace’s partner of choice in sustainable polymer additives, we are proud to be leaders in designing Ca/Zn & CPVC ester lubrication system.

Often used in the manufacturing process of making end items for the building and construction, automotive, packaging, toys, sporting equipment and electronics industries; Emery Oleochemicals’ innovative polymer additives are developed leveraging the company’s in-depth market insights, growing technical and research capabilities, access to renewable feedstocks and an international footprint.

Through its Green Polymer Additives Global Center of Excellence in Loxstedt, Germany and supported by regional product and application labs, we offer customized solutions in product groups such as lubricants, plasticizer and viscosity depressants, antistatic and antifogging agents, release agents and surfactants.

See us at Booth 08b/A58 and talk to our technical experts about your product development needs.

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