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Produktkategorie: UV-Stabilisatoren


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Produktkategorie: UV-Stabilisatoren


According to different mechanism, Sunovin is mainly divided into two categories: hindered amine light stabilizers and ultraviolet light stabilizer. Hindered amine light stabilizers are a class of steric effects on the organic amine compounds, because of its decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, quenching medium state oxygen, scavenging of free radicals, and the effective group can be recycled, is home to the largest amount of a light stabilizer. Ultraviolet light stabilizer is known as UV absorbers, this kind of light stabilizer is using its molecular structure. Light energy is converted into heat energy to avoid plastic material of light oxidation reaction to light stabilization. Ultraviolet absorbent according to different molecular structure is divided into two benzophenones and benzotriazole and so on.

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