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The VYNAMON range represents organic pigments specially designed for the coloration of plastics and powder coatings. All products provide optimized coloristic, dispersion and fastness properties and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The HEUCODUR product line includes Nickel Rutile Pigments, Chromium Rutile Pigments and Spinel Pigments. They offer unique fastness properties and outstanding hiding power, resistance to temperature, chemicals and weathering.

Our bismuth vanadate pigments VAVADUR 1010 and VANADUR 2108 provide improved opacity, high gloss, excellent weather and light fastness and good tinting strength. In addition, VANADUR 9010 is a Silica encapsulated bismuth vanadate pigment which shows excellent heat resistance and improved alkali and SO2 resistance.

The HEUCOBATCH products exhibit a highly cost efficient coloring method and allow for a direct addition at the extruder as well as at the mixer. HEUCOPLAST is a ready to use pigment preparation for the coloration of rigid PVC, constisting of organic and/or inorganic pigments as well as PVC powder.

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Heubach is one of the world‘s leading independent manufaturers of pigments and pigment preperations for various applications. The extraordinary breadth of our portfolio encompasses organic and inorganic high performance solutions for paints, coatings, plastics, printing inks, latex, adhesives and construction materials.
Especially for plastics, we provide a complete organic product portfolio which includes high performance products with optimized coloristic, dispersion and fastness properties.

Furthermore, Heubach offers a wide range of inorganic pigments for various applications such as plastics for masterbatch, building products, engineering plastics for e.g. automotive applications or fiber and thin film plastic applications. Our pigment preparations HEUCOBATCH and HEUCOPLAST are suitable for PVC pipes and fittings, window profiles, vinyl sidings, gutters, technical profiles as well as for foamd and solid extruded sheets. These product lines are suited for injection molding machines, counter-rotating twin screw extruders and mixer dosing and ensure in all cases the coloring without any streaking.

About 1.200 employees on our headquarter in Germany, and on our sites in the USA, India and China as well as a wide reaching network of strategically located offices on six continents ensure customers short delivery times and individual technical services.

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