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Produktkategorie: Spritzgieß- und Presswerkzeuge


Axxicon enables the manufacturing of lab-on-a-chip / lab-on-a-disc for life sciences- and diagnostics companies. All based on our knowledge of engineering products and production processes of optical discs and look-a-likes. Axxicon has over 25 years of experience in tooling and injection moulding micro structures on an optical substrate.

Our extensive know-how and partnerships with well-known research facilities and companies, allows us to cover the full range from designs to test replications and mass production.

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Produktkategorie: Spritzgieß- und Presswerkzeuge

Ultra Precision Parts & Systems and Polymer Optics

Axxicon has been manufacturing high accuracy injection moulds and parts for decades. Our factory is fully equipped with the most high-end production and measuring machinery to reach the ever increasing high technical qualifications. The high-tech market progressively demands a full scale solution for the production of complex parts and systems with ultra-precise tolerances. Axxicon is your partner in producing ultra-precision parts and systems by turning, grinding, lapping, polishing and assembly in a climate controlled production facility. At Axxicon we deploy our highly trained professionals in order to achieve the highest accuracy possible. Axxicon uses the most high-end equipment in a climate controlled production facility and collaborates with our carefully selected supply chain partners.

• Grinding up to 1 µm
• Turning up to 5 µm
• Lapping up to 1 λ
• Machined polishing up to 5 nm surface roughness
• Manual polishing up to 3 µm surface roughness

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Produktkategorie: Spritzgieß- und Presswerkzeuge

AIM Quick Change Mould System

The AIM (Axxicon ISO Manufactured) Quick Change Mould System, used within the polymer industry, was introduced by Axxicon in 1989. It is a flexible test mould system designed to comply exactly with the internationally accepted ISO standards which are also used by CAMPUS® - the plastics database. Axxicon can also provide solutions for tests according to ASTM, UL and other standards.

The AIM Quick Change Mould System is a multi-functional injection mould with interchangeable inserts, used on conventional injection moulding machines and capable of producing plastic samples for quality specimen tests according to international standards. These types of plastic samples are commonly used to determine material key properties such as tensile strength, impact strength, hardness, flammability, shrinkage, gloss/colour etc.

AIM injection compression, 2K (two-shot) and overmoulding inserts are also available. Overmoulding is an injection moulding process in which one thermoplastic material is moulded over another material to form one part. With special designed AIM Quick Change overmoulding inserts, it is possible to mould a plastic material over another materials.

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Produktkategorie: Spritzgieß- und Presswerkzeuge

Optical Media

Injection Moulds and excellent after-sales services

At Axxicon, we are committed to achieve the best match between our moulds and your machines. We guarantee you trouble-free production, high yields and the lowest cost per unit.

Competitive production takes more than the right moulds only. It also demands close customer support, a partnership to cut your time to market and maximum cost-effectiveness to maintain the highest quality every time. Our combination of technical leadership and operational excellence guarantees you maximum yields, a trouble-free process and excellent disc properties.

Our technical leadership means your successful disc production. Our products and services are comprised of injection molds, spare parts, repairs, exchange services and after-sales services like mould and process training.

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Über uns


Axxicon focusses on 5 main product groups: Microfluidics, Ultra Precision Parts, AIM™ Quick Change Mould System, Optical Media and Polymer Optics.

Axxicon has produced high-tech injection moulds for decades now. It all started in 1947 with tools for punching-machines and further development led to complete mould systems for various industries. These mould systems are being developed, engineered, manufactured and validated for customers all over the world and that is why Axxicon is the preferred supplier in many industries.

Our factory is fully equipped to reach the ever-increasing high technical qualifications, which are expected of these parts and we also offer our customers the full service concept. All of our moulds are being validated and tested in our own technical center, so you will get a mould that is 100% ready to produce.

Axxicon is positioned as the market leader in the area of high accuracy and complex operations of single, and especially, serial manufacturing (machining and surface treatment). We have been able to set the standards for many years, by listening carefully to our customers. Axxicon offers its customers an outstanding and highly personal worldwide after-sales-service through its facility in Eindhoven.

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Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschuk-Industrie

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