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  • 02  Halbzeuge, technische Teile und verstärkte Kunststofferzeugnisse
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  • 02.03.002  Kunststoffwaren und -teile für den Automobil- und Fahrzeugbau

Kunststoffwaren und -teile für den Automobil- und Fahrzeugbau

  • 02  Halbzeuge, technische Teile und verstärkte Kunststofferzeugnisse
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  • 02.03.005  Kunststoffwaren und -teile für Haushalts-/Konsumwaren

Kunststoffwaren und -teile für Haushalts-/Konsumwaren

  • 02  Halbzeuge, technische Teile und verstärkte Kunststofferzeugnisse
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  • 02.03.006  Kunststoffwaren und -teile für Elektro-/Haushaltsgeräte

Kunststoffwaren und -teile für Elektro-/Haushaltsgeräte

  • 02  Halbzeuge, technische Teile und verstärkte Kunststofferzeugnisse
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Kunststoffwaren und -teile für Kommunikationstechnik

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Flex - From Sketch to Scale

Our Experience/Product Base
Design & Engineering
Product Design
Our product design team consists of highly experienced engineers in the field of products and parts design from various industries. We offer:
           * Technical advice for robust part and product design with best level of manufacturability
           * Prototyping facilities to initiate early concept studies and verification
           * Testing and measurement facilities

Tool Design
Our tool design team has highly skilled and experienced designers for any kind of plastic molding tools across all manufacturing technologies and materials.
          We offer:
          * Standard 1k/one-component molding, 2k molding, insert molding, overmolding, rubber- and silicon molding; tool technologies
          * Design for Manufacturing to optimize part design for tool setup and molding process
          * Molding process simulation to optimize tool architecture – gating, cooling and molding process parameters

Tool Production
Molding Tools
Our in-house tooling capacity supports more than 350 tools per month with a global workforce of ~1,000 employees to deliver:
          * Mold sizes up to 1,500 to clamping force
          * Design for Manufacture and Mold Flow capabilities 
          * ~1,200 CNC machines
          * in-house test and metrology labs
From simple to complex machining needs, we offer hundreds of CNC precision machine tools, including CNC horizontal machining centers integrated with Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) and 5-axis milling and CNC turning capabilities.
Our vertical integration service offering provides our customers with the opportunity to outsource to a single supplier for their integration requirements. 

Stamping & Metal Forming
 Also as part of our vertical integration offerings, our metal fabrication and mechanical assembly service provides the opportunity to eliminate cost stack-ups that result from doing business in multiple locations.
Our metal fab facilities are a one-stop shop that can take manufactured goods from a flat sheet of metal to a painted end-user product. We own over 150 stamping presses up to 800t forces for staged press lines up to 15 stages.

Flex provides a wild range of injection molding products offering capabilities that are beyond plastics transformation. We develop and run innovative processes like “Rapid Heat Cool Molding” which gives us the opportunity to run high gloss finish plastic parts that won’t require any secondary painting operation.
Our experience includes:
         * high quality products ranging from resin compounds like ABS, PVC, PCABS, HIPS, PC, PA, POM, PBT, PP, TPE, TPU and LSR (Liquid Silicon Molding).
         * more than 1,500 molding machine presses from 20 – 2,000 tons
         * 15 fully-integrated plastics sites span across the globe in all time zones
Finishing Capabilities
Flex can provide comprehensive secondary finishing capabilities that include:
         * Embossing/texturing
         * Hairline/Brushed finishing
         * CNC routing/machined edge/knurling
         * Glass-bead/Sand-blast
         * Diamond-cut edge
         * Spin-grinding/CD-type effect
         * Polishing
         * Plating
         * Advanced coating (powder, wet spray, metalized, high gloss, matte)
         * Genuine wood
         * Fabric, leather
         * 3D applications
         * TRUE “one-off’ capability
         * Dye-sublimation metals/plastics
         * Hot stamping foils
         * Decorative laser technologies
         * Fully-reflective coatings
         * Paint fill metals/plastics
         * Electro-luminescent wire & coating
         * Digitally processed hydra-graphics (water type transfer) OMD/OMF (out-mold decoration)
         * In-mold labeling (IML)
         * In-mold decoration (IMD)
Enclosure / Final Assembly
We design, manufacture and integrate electronic packaging systems that protect sensitive electronics components and enhance functionality.
         * Large outdoor & indoor cabinets
         * Data storage/data center racks
         * Precision sheet metal enclosures
         * Set top boxes and subracks
         * Aesthetically designed enclosures
         * Coil slitting
         * Aqueous degreasing
         * Low & high volume

Integration and Other Services
        * System Assembly
        * Integration & validation
        * Design
        * Test (functional, water, EMC, environmental)
        * Certification support

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Who We Are
We are 200,000 dedicated innovators, working across 30 countries to create a smarter, more connected world. Leading the way in the development of innovative technologies, sketch to scale thinking, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and global citizenship sets Flex apart—a leader in a market of one.

We Are Flex
In the categories of design, manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket services, Flex has established itself as a global leader without equal. With over 100 sites in 30 countries, and 200,000 highly skilled innovators at the ready, we’re helping customers big and small solve the challenges of the connected age.

A Global Partner with Scale and Vision
In today’s marketplace, demand for smarter, more advanced solutions is growing exponentially. To meet the complex technological and logistical challenges of this new age requires the right partner at every step. With extensive experience across virtually all industries, Flex has the unique vision and capabilities to improve speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness throughout the entire life cycle of a product. With access to a vast global footprint, Flex brings our customers closer to the markets they serve, creating a supply advantage almost anywhere. Add in our Sketch to Scale platform and our market-leading, SaaS-based global supply chain, and the merits of Flex become undeniable.

    Want to learn more about Flex?
Visit us at www.flextronics.com

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