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The Forced Air Cooling Unit mod. AFC is placed in a profile flocking line after the vulcanisation oven; its function is to lower the profile temperature before sanding and glue spraying. The unit is equipped with an A.C. motorized conveyor belt made with a Teflon coated fiberglass net. The conveyor belt speed is controlled either through a potentiometer or a 0-10V external inlet signal. Cooling air blown by the air input fan is taken to the profile through two sets of channels and is then expelled. In order to prevent condensation, a special separator is provided in the air duct. The outer shell is made of two metal sheets containing an insulating and a phono-absorbing material. The unit is equipped with two covers which are opened and closed by pneumatic cylinders.

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Produktkategorie: Beflockungsanlagen


The Sanding Machines mod. SUC3 and SUC2+1 are specifically manufactured to sand profile surfaces where adhesives will be deposited. This treatment is suggested for optimal adherence on EPDM profiles especially. It is for modular machines that are to be installed downstream the extrusion line. The unit SUC3 consists of three rotating brushes with special abrasive bristles. The brushes are mounted in order to work on a horizontal axis relative to the profile surface and can be adjusted horizontally and vertically at ±45° relative to their axes. Each brush is equipped with its own electrical motor, compressed air nozzles for profile cleaning and a suction hood for dust recovery. The brush position micrometre adjustment is on three axes, using three motoreducers controlled externally. The unit SUC2+1 consists of similar three rotating brushes with special abrasive bristles, but the first and second brush are mounted in order to work on a horizontal axis relative to the profile surface, while the third one works on a vertical axis. The first two brushes can be adjusted horizontally and vertically at ±45° relative to their axes, while the third brush can be adjusted horizontally and vertically at ±20° relative to its axis. Each brush is equipped with its own electrical motor, compressed air nozzles for profile cleaning and a suction hood for dust recovery. Both units consist of:
- A brush position micrometre adjustment on three axes, using three motoreducers controlled externally
- Pneumatic piston release of each brush when the production line stops
- Three special guides that can be adapted to the profile shape using a hand wheel, thus eliminating the specific guide normally used
- A dry filter system dust suction group.
The sanders are equipped with a switchboard on the machine that facilitates the control and management of each brush.
The sanders have large windows that allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
At the base of the units there are mounted manifolds for easy access to collect the dust.

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Über uns


AIGLE Macchine Srl: Flocking, Coating and Laminating Equipment
AIGLE began its activities in 1958 building machinery for the flocking of each type of application. During its first decade, AIGLE contributed greatly in developing the technology of flocking, with particular reference to its application in the textile industry. In 1968, AIGLE began undertaking the production of coating and lamination machinery which was considered as natural evolution from the previous products. Today, after more than 50 years of design, AIGLE produce and sell its machines worldwide. AIGLE can definitely be considered as a partner for the development of new projects, through the provision of solutions for customers who require elements of customisation and specific technical requirements. All the plants and the machines are designed and produced in AIGLE’s factory which is located in Borgaro Torinese, Italy. AIGLE’s organisation consists of:
- An engineering department for mechanic, electric, pneumatic, thermic and hydraulic design, which is fully equipped for the industrial design of the plants and machinery with a 3D CAD system.
- A production department equipped with modern tools and instruments along with a prestigious carpentry sub-section.
- An electric/electronic department for studying and creating the control panels and PLC programming required per each plant (they also provide a manual for the wiring).
- Technical and technological assistance for erecting and commissioning the equipment as this is considered a crucial part in the selling process of AIGLE’s industrial culture.
AIGLE heavily invests in research and development, specifically for updating and increasing the level of performance of their FLOCKING, COATING and LAMINATION plants, counting on a qualified technical team for the construction, as well as for the design of the plants and individual machines. The result of these efforts is the installation of machines that allow our customers to cope with the challenges of an increasingly demanding market.
In over 50 years of business, AIGLE has accumulated a vast experience in handling relationships with customers. AIGLE can offer ready and substantiated technical solutions to customers with precise and defined needs and technical requests; but AIGLE can also be considered a partner for developing new projects to face the ever more demanding and complicated market requests.
AIGLE’s main plants list:
- Plants for rubber profile extrusion and flocking, for the rubber profile for the automotive industry.
- Plants for the production of synthetic leather, for use in upholstery, garments and automotive.
- Plants for the finishing of fabrics, by direct and foam coating and printing (traditional and digital), for use in upholstery, curtains, garments and automotive.
- Plants for the production of abrasive paper.
- Plants for the finishing of wall paper, flocking, PVC coating and embossing.
- Plants for the back coating of carpets and synthetic grass with latex and PU.
- Plants for the laminating of fabrics through wet process, powder scattering, hot melt and flame.
- Plants for manufacturing and finishing, by thermo-bonding non-woven for geotextiles.
- Plants for manufacturing and finishing non-woven fabrics for house cleaning.
- Plants for finishing with flock injection moulded ABS and PP for automotive and children’s toys by manual and/or robotised technology.
- Plants for finishing by printing (UV, PVC, pigments etc.), flocking and glittering paper (continuous and in sheet form) for packaging and decoration.
ISO 14001
ISO 9001- Anlagen fürdie Druckveredelung (UV, PVC, Pigmente, etc.), Beflockung und Glitter auf Papier (Endlos- und Bogenware) für Verpackungen und Dekorationen.

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