HOSOKAWA ALPINE Aktiengesellschaft Recycling & Granulators Division aus Augsburg auf der K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Messe

HOSOKAWA ALPINE Aktiengesellschaft Recycling & Granulators Division

Peter-Dörfler-Str. 13-25, 86199 Augsburg
Telefon +49 821 5906-0
Fax +49 821 5906-101


K 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 9): Stand C56


K 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 9

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  • 03  Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie
  • 03.01  Maschinen und Ausrüstung zum Aufbereiten und Recycling
  • 03.01.003  Zerkleinerungsmaschinen (Brecher, Zerfaserer, Mahlanlagen)

Zerkleinerungsmaschinen (Brecher, Zerfaserer, Mahlanlagen)

  • 03  Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie
  • 03.01  Maschinen und Ausrüstung zum Aufbereiten und Recycling
  • 03.01.006  Granulatoren


  • 03  Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie
  • 03.01  Maschinen und Ausrüstung zum Aufbereiten und Recycling
  • 03.01.009  Aufbereitungsanlagen


  • 03  Maschinen und Ausrüstung für die Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie
  • 03.01  Maschinen und Ausrüstung zum Aufbereiten und Recycling
  • 03.01.010  Recyclinganlagen
  •  Recyclinganlagen für sortenreine Abfälle

Recyclinganlagen für sortenreine Abfälle






Schredder-Schneidmühle Polyplex PPC 50/120 - Die Neue kommt!

Shredder - Schneidmühle
Polyplex PPC 50/120
Wir stellen  Kunststoffrecycling auf den Kopf

Mit der Neuheit Alpine Shredder-Schneidmühlen Polyplex PPC 50/120 wird die Zuführung von langen Profilen und Rohren in die Mühle zur Nebensache!

Die Alpine Shredder-Schneidmühle Polyplex  PPC 50/120  verbindet einen vertikal angeordneten Shredderrotor mit einem Schneidmühlenrotor. Während der Schredderrotor eine Selbstdosierung erlaubt, garantiert der Schneidmühlenrotor Produktfeinheiten von bis zu ca. 5 mm. Zugeführt wird das Aufgabematerial über einen unter einem Trog angebrachten Pusher der Aufgabemateriallängen von bis zu 6 m erlaubt. Durch die Kombination von Shredder und Schneidmühle kann die vergleichsweise kleine Maschine auch Anfahrbrocken von bis zu 100 kg verarbeiten – gleichzeitig mit Profilen, Rohren oder Beschnitten

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 Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft – Company Profile

Hosokawa Alpine is an innovative global leader in machine and system engineering and has its headquarters in Augsburg as well as a branch in Leingarten (Baden-Württemberg). The company also has several subsidiaries at home and abroad. Within its two business segments, namely process technology and film extrusion, Hosokawa Alpine builds and installs machines and systems for customers from all over the world. The company has a total of around 750 employees and generated an annual turnover of some 211 million euros in fiscal year 2017/2018. The company turnover outside Europe is around 50 per cent and the export quota totals around 80 per cent. The company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese Hosokawa Micron Corporation since 1987.

We shape the future today by developing the cutting-edge solutions of tomorrow

The core competence of Hosokawa Alpine is the manufacture of machines and systems for processing powders, granules and bulk materials as well as systems for producing and processing blown film. As a technology leader, the company maintains application test centres for both business segments in which trials are carried out for customers. The process technology segment has a 3000-m² test centre in which trials for both dry and wet processing can be carried out with 60 machines and systems. In the film extrusion test centre, the latest film blowing and orientation lines spread over an area of 1000 m2 are available for customer trials.

The entire R&D environment is always at the forefront of technology. With the ExVis software package in the film extrusion division, Hosokawa Alpine focuses on the potential of digitisation. With this tool, the current process parameters can be monitored and controlled constantly, thus increasing the availability of the systems. With its remote customer service, the process technology business segment also offers a solution which ensures optimal usage of the digital process data. Hosokawa Alpine relies increasingly on the possibilities of virtual reality for system design and engineering. The technology increases the efficiency of the design phase and delivers an early and tangible plan of the projected system.

Powder and particle process technology business segment

For over 120 years now, Hosokawa Alpine has been designing and building process technological machines and systems for processing powders, granules and bulk materials as well as for manifold recycling jobs. The company has a comprehensive product portfolio – from mills and shredders to classifiers. Besides machines for size reduction, the powder and particle process technology business segment also offers solutions for compacting technology as well as laboratory equipment for particle analysis. The systems are employed in a host of different industrial branches. Every customer has individual requirements. This is why Hosokawa Alpine supports its customers as a system partner from the design and development stage right up to installation of the turnkey system. To ensure optimum customer support, the powder and particle process technology business segment is split up into seven divisions: chemicals, minerals & metals, pharma & lab, food, recycling, compacting

technology and Blueserv. At the same time, the individual divisions benefit from the synergetic R&D effects.

Film extrusion business segment

Hosokawa Alpine's film extrusion business segment is one of the world's leading suppliers of machines designed for the production of blown film. The company supports its customers throughout the entire project – from the design and development phase right up to installation. Hosokawa Alpine's blown film lines and monoaxial film orientation systems are employed for numerous applications and are known for their high economic efficiency and flexibility. With the Hosokawa Alpine machines, customers the world over produce among other things industrial packagings as well as packaging for fresh produce. Besides mono-layer lines, the company also builds multi-layer blown film lines. Although the standard today are 3-layer lines, the company also produces processing lines for 5-, 7-, 9- and 11-layer blown film. As a result, packaging with optimal mechanical and optical properties tailored to market needs can be produced.

Sustainable investments in Germany as a business location

Hosokawa Alpine makes long-term investments in its locations. Since 2008, around 30 million euros have been invested in new production and assembly buildings at the company headquarters in Augsburg. To manage the continuous growth in demand, the company intends in the coming years to expand its logistics infrastructure. To this end, around 20 million euros will be channelled into modernisation of the company headquarters as well as construction of a new logistics centre on the premises of Augsburg's freight handling hub. From 2019 onwards, the company will be able to make use of 22,000-m² warehousing and handling areas. With the new logistics centre, Hosokawa Alpine places a stronger focus on environmentally friendly transport by rail.

How it all started

The history of Hosokawa Alpine begins with Otto Holzhäuer in the year 1898. Right from the beginning, the company was strong in the field of mechanical and process engineering. In 1903, a patent was granted for a universal size reduction machine which went by the tradename "Triumph". In 1909, the company changed its name to "Alpine Maschinenfabrik-Gesellschaft m.b.H.". The name Alpine is derived from the Alps, and reflects the aspirations of the company to excellence and peak performance. The film extrusion division was developed in the mid-1950s. In 1987, the company was taken over fully by the Hosokawa Micron Corporation with headquarters in Osaka, Japan, and the company name changed to Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft. Since then, the company has developed very successfully.

Recycling Division

The demand for recycling systems for the classic recycling of reusable materials as well as in-house recycling is on the rise. Hosokawa Alpine is a major player on the market with manifold solutions for the efficient recycling of production waste as part of a closed material circuit. The portfolio includes the design and manufacture of complete systems and machines for dry recycling tasks. Sound know-how and long years of experience form the basis for sophisticated machines, systems and process solutions.

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