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bioplastics MAGAZINE - Polymedia Publisher GmbH

Hackesstr. 99, 41066 Mönchengladbach
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K 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 7a): Stand B10


K 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 7a


Dr. Michael Thielen



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The magazine

bioplastics MAGAZINE is the only independent printed trade magazine worldwide dedicated to bioplastics (i.e. plastics made from renewable resources and/or biodegradable/ compostable plastics). The print magazine is being published every second month (6x per year), usually on the first Monday of the even months of the year (Feb, April, ...). 

It is mailed to readers around the world for just EUR 169.00 for 6 issues, incl. shipping and handling, + VAT where applicable.You can browse through older issues at

Please use the link below to subscribe or to request a free trial issue...

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Produktkategorie: Fachzeitschriften

Daily News

bioplastics MAGAZINE's Daily News is an online resource for readers seeking a bioplastics community that answers the need for reliable news and informative content with immediate appeal. Together with the printed bioplastics MAGAZINE, and the new, biweekly bioplastics newsletter, it offers a platform for professionals in the industry to reach out to prospective partners, suppliers and customers across the globe. Visit for the daily News

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The bi-weekly bioplastics MAGAZINE newsletter

The bi-weekly bioplastics MAGAZINE newsletter reaches a targeted audience of some 3500 international bioplastics professionals across all continents. The platform offers advertisers the power to create integrated campaigns, built on interaction between the different media channels and taking advantage of the different strengths of each. For advertisers, a perfect means to add value to opportunity. Use the link below to register...

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Bioplastics Business Breakfast

At K'2019 we are organizing now for the fourth time the Bioplastics Business Breakfasts (B³) on October 16, 17, 18, 19, 2019 in the Congress Center on the fairgrounds of Messe Düsseldorf (CCD Ost).

The four individiual "mini"-conferences will be held on each of the three days from 8:00 am to 12:30 am.

16.10.: PHA, opportunities and challenges
17.10.: Bioplastics in Packaging
18.10.: PLA, an innovative Bioplastic
19.10.: Bioplastics in Durable Applications

Use the link below to learn more about the Bioplastics Business Breakfast

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Produktkategorie: Fachzeitschriften


Via the new bioplastics MAGAZINE app you read bioplastics MAGAZINE sooner on your mobile device.
Not only on a tablet, but also on your smartphone you can easily read bioplastics MAGAZINE.

Both, the Android and the Apple app are free of charge. 

Try it now, by searching the Google Play-Store or the Apple App-Store for the term "bioplastics". Or click on the link below.

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Über uns


Well established in this industry, bioplastics MAGAZINE, is more than ever the global number one trade magazine dedicated exclusively to bioplastics, i.e. plastics from renewable resources and/or biodegradable plastics. And over the last years bioplastics  MAGAZINE (including the web-based daily news and the smartphone/tablet app) has indeed become the unique information platform for bioplastics worldwide. bioplastics MAGAZINE is complemented by basic books and high class conferences, published and organized by Polymedia
Publisher GmbH.

bioplastics MAGAZINE is read by decision-makers in all parts of this
business. For instance raw material suppliers and compounders,
machine and mould makers, converters, brand owners, the complete distribution chain (wholesale and retail) as well as lobbyists, scientists and politicians, bioplastics MAGAZINE is an independent and neutral source of information.

With an average print run of 5000 (depending on large events such
as exhibitions or conferences) the estimated number of readers is
of course much higher, as many copies of bioplastics MAGAZINE are
circulated or passed on to other interested readers.

Since its start in early 2006 bioplastics MAGAZINE has experienced a constant, and very positive, feedback from its readers.

The successful and high class conferences organized by
bioplastics MAGAZINE include the PLA World Congress (the sixth
will be in May 2020), the PHA platform World Congress as well as
the Bioplastics Business Breakfasts (during K-fair), the bio!PAC
conference (biobased materials for the packaging industry in May
2015, 2017 and 2019), bio!CAR (biobased materials for automotive
applications in Sept 2015, 2017 and 2019) and the new bio!TOY
(biobased materials for toy applications in spring 2019). Please
contact us for sponsoring, exhibiting or speaking opportunities.
Advertising in bioplastics MAGAZINE (print or digital in newletters,
app, or on the website) is easy and affordable, and it exactly
meets the target group, whether it is via a web-banner*, an entry
in the Suppliers Guide (print and online) or printed adverts in the
magazine. Also the cover-page is available for special cover-ads…
On the other hand, bioplastics MAGAZINE is always interested in editorial contributions.

Advertising and editorial contributions - bioplastics MAGAZINE is the essential platform for your communication.